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A Temporary CYCLONE

Posted: Feb 07 2016 12:18pm
by Leebolectric
Here's my newest build, a Santa Cruz Batman (bantam) with the LunaCyclone kit. :D
This bike will be getting a custom TangentAscent kit...should be epic, gonna upgrade a few parts before then.
So, while I wait for that kit, I wanted to try one of these Cyclones and get it tuned up for one of my nephews bikes.

Size large Santa Cruz Bantam, super deal on NEW frame from CompetitiveCyclist right now.
RockShox Pike 150mm, charger damper. Fox CTD rear shock.
Tetra levers on version is lighter weight and all black.
X9 10sp shifter and XO DH horizon derraileur.
Canfield Crampon Ultimate pedals, so thin and grippy.
LunaCyclone kit, 14t HD motor freewheel, HD crank freewheel.
14:37 motor to crank, 32:11-36 crank to cassette, 52v20ah25rPack
Heavy Duty SickBikeParts freewheels, beefy half-link chain gives less slack for the tensioner to accommodate
11-36 SRAM1050 cassette with SRAM XO DH derraileur.
NEW BB7S...lighter and BLACK, Avid finally upgraded them...I keep dreaming of a real light weight version though.
DSC_0006.jpg (241.93 KiB) Viewed 1595 times
Wonky throttle with on/off switch, encased all wires with fiberglass and heat shrink tubings for ruggedness.
DSC_0010.jpg (199.38 KiB) Viewed 1595 times
Old neoprene shin-guard makes a nice cover for the electronics.
DSC_0011.jpg (242.67 KiB) Viewed 1595 times
I bought more of the MEGA-Zip-Ties...two fit perfectly into the motor's groove, and two more pull it upward to the downtube.
The plastic layer protects the frame too...seems quite solid.
DSC_0015.jpg (168.78 KiB) Viewed 1595 times

Re: A Temporary CYCLONE

Posted: Feb 07 2016 12:26pm
by Leebolectric
For a device called a "Cyclone"...the seas were smooth for sailing through the instal.
For all the warnings on Luna's website that it would be difficult to instal, it was not at all.
I needed no washers, spacers, or anything to get a perfect chainline to the rear AND to the motor.
Only one wire was mislabeled, but that is the ONLY issue I had...pretty damn stoked for the price.
It SCREAMS in the work stand, should be quite fast...still working on gearing ratios.
Hoping to test ride today! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: A Temporary CYCLONE

Posted: Feb 08 2016 1:40pm
by gman1971
Nice build dude, yes, the Cyclone 3000W is a steal of a kit; quiet, reliable and powerful. I am loving mine and very soon it will have its first 1000 miles with zero issues.


Re: A Temporary CYCLONE

Posted: Feb 08 2016 5:27pm
by Phife
Looks great, even if it is just temporary!

Ive been wanting a Tangent drive for a few months now, but being in Canada, with our dollar just tanking, its just not in the cards right now.

Im buying a Cyclone to tide me over. It will go on my current BBS02 Giant Reign bike thats in my signature. I really want to make custom brackets and stick the motor in the triangle , I know it will have be to be far away to clear the suspension, not sure if its just going to flex too much. What do you think? Would this cyclone motor go well inside the triangle like the Tangent?

You've got some nice buids Leebo! Great job! Im very envious! lol