Friction drive ebike DIY

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Friction drive ebike DIY

Post by green666 » Jun 23 2016 10:03pm

Hi!, I made new friction drive. I diyed several times but not satisfied.
I followed someone's guide and made new version. Heres few photos and video.
I also post version2 and version1 no more use but it was useful experience.

Visit my post and see how i made. ... m=postView

<Friction Drive Version 3>
I used 60mm skate board roller.

*Update : First I used 250w motor but its not enough It can bearly move my bike. SO, changed to 350w motor and got very good result very powerful and quite. I even incline the 25degrees hill.
I used bike brake wire and handle for adequate friction tension. Also, remove the throttle spring and put some sponge and can adjust throttle without continuous pushing.
Here's video.

<Friction Drive Version 2>
Pretty good but not efficient because of complication.

<Friction Drive Version 1>
This is first version I made. very simple but main roller too small and slippery on tire. no more use.
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Re: Friction drive ebike DIY

Post by amberwolf » Jun 24 2016 1:31am

Looks much better than the last one I tried to build, several years back on DayGlo Avenger (before I went chain drive via powerchair motor and then hubmotor):


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Re: Friction drive ebike DIY

Post by spinningmagnets » Jun 24 2016 10:34am

Well done! I like that the second version had shaft support at both ends of the roller, but...the third and final version looks like it will run reliably for years.

As I have posted in other threads, my roller traction improved dramatically when I switched to a fat rear tire that had a squarish tread. It was one of the cheapest tires available at Walmart, a hard rubber compound beach cruiser tire. I did it at the suggestion of EVTodd, and it transformed the system into something very viable.

five years ago, there were very few options, and now (here in North America) I feel we are living in a golden age for electric bikes. Prices have come down enough that a much wider audience can afford a system with good performance. Also there are many choices now.

However, if the US ever has a "trade war" with China (tariffs, trade deficit negotiations, etc) then...your most-desired kits will be unavailable. In that situation, non hubs rule, and friction drives will be "better than nothing". Stand-up scooters that are tossed in the trash once the SLAs no longer hold a charge, will suddenly be golden, and and scavenged for their motors and controllers, in order to make friction drives.

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