1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

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1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

Post by ZenRider » Feb 01 2017 8:08pm


I am curious if any body here knows what the standard output of 1680 cyclone system should be under NO load.

Currently my Cycle Analyst is showing about 200-250 watts of draw again under zero load (no chain connected)

Is this normal?

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Re: 1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

Post by bunya » Feb 05 2017 6:32am


There is a motors spreadsheet (i think it was done by Miles) with the cyclone 1680 motor. From memory no load was 1.5A @ 54v. I recorded the numbers without the planetary gearbox. Is too high.


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Re: 1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

Post by spinningmagnets » Feb 05 2017 7:06am

If you haven't had the gearbox apart, then it is likely the 200W of no load current is mostly the gearbox. Organic grease is thick when its cold, and gets thinner when its hot. "Synthetic high-temp automotive disc brake wheel bearing grease" is designed to retain its designed viscosity whether your car is parked in the snow overnight, or you are driving through the hot desert. You should be able to find a large tube locally for under $10, designed to insert into a "grease gun". Clean out the old factory Cyclone grease and use a LOT of synthetic grease.

If no-load is high with no gearbox, it might be a bad Hall-sensor wire combination. Keep the red/black together and swap around the blue/green/yellow

After the gears and bearing are broken in, they will run smoother, but one of the reasons Cyclone products are so affordable is because they use very affordable components. Check the no-load on the motor with no gearbox. Clean and re-grease, then check no-load with gearbox on. Then....ride for a month, and check no-load again. Please post back here for the benefit of others.

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Re: 1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

Post by minimum » Feb 05 2017 9:30am

Wont that synthetic (and any other crude oil based lubricant) grease soften up the nylon gears?

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Re: 1680 Cyclone Drive - High Amperage Draw?

Post by jordison » Feb 05 2017 10:02am

My cyclone draws ~180w 14s no load with kelly kbs

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