Bafang BBSO2 PAS question

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Bafang BBSO2 PAS question

Post by pinion » Dec 14 2017 8:06pm

I am using Cycle Analyst with my 750W BBSO2 with PAS sensor wired directly from the motor to the cycle analyst.
If anyone is using similar setup, can you tell me what's your PAS settings.
I tried checking PAS poles numbers by turning the crank, the arrow on the cycle analyst went up and down more than 40 times for one turn. Witch seams a bit high.
Not sure if I should set it up as 1 Wire or 2 Wire PAS.
From this picture it looks like there are 4 magnets ... 02pas3.png
I am confused and how no idea what number of PAS poles should I put in.

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