BBHSD Controller/LCD problem ?

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BBHSD Controller/LCD problem ?

Post by Medouille » Jan 01 2018 5:51pm

Hello !
First of all it’s my first message here but I came often on this forum to get some informations about ebike, I have been through similar topics but didn’t find the solution.

I came here to find – hopefully – the solution to the problem that occured on my Ebike recently

--> Ebike : casual offroad bike with a BBHSD kit

2 weeks ago, from time to time, the bike was working all correct exept it seemed underpowered, even at 9 assist level (1500Wats) on digital power display, DPC-14

Few days ago, new things came up :

-Switch on : the ebike is on, but the LCD doesn’t show anything
-Acceleration : the ebike accelerates but at max 9/9 assist power, + and - buttons don’t do anything
After about 20 seconds of being on, the motor switchs off. So now I’m riding spending my time switching it on :D

-PS : The bike sleeps outside, poor little boy :’((

What are your expert’s advices / guess ?


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Re: BBHSD Controller/LCD problem ?

Post by Marin » Jan 01 2018 7:03pm

Has it gotten wet? even damp, that can get into connections to make problems,

you also should post more detail of your set up, battery size, state of charge etc,
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Re: BBHSD Controller/LCD problem ?

Post by amberwolf » Jan 01 2018 9:04pm

timeout often means it isn't reading the wheel speed or pas sensor, so it thinks the bike is just sitting there parked and shuts off to save power.

if it's cold outside, the battery won't be able to supply as much power to the system, so it could appear to have less "oomph".

If things got wet inside, almost any kind of problem coudl happen. Disconnect everything and dry it all out, then retest it. If it's ok, then just keep an eye out for future oddness, which could be corrosion from the wet.

If it's not ok, then you'll have to provide the specific information about the problem/etc.

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