Motor & ESC Suggestions

Discussions related to motors other than hub motors.
This includes R/C motors, botttom bracket, roller and geared drives.
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Motor & ESC Suggestions

Post by LICKETYLIPS » Feb 04 2018 9:41pm


I'm completing my first Direct-Drive Outrunner Ebike & am looking for recommendations on equipment. I have a budget of around $200-$250 to spend on the motor & ESC. Can someone point me in the right direction component wise - eg. Example of a good ESC / Motor Combination.

I was looking at the Turnigy 6354 but perhaps someone might have something better they have used or can recommend for the $$.
I will be doing Road only riding and already have 6S or 12S battery packs so can go either way.

Your comments or links are appreciated.


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Re: Motor & ESC Suggestions

Post by 12-C » Feb 05 2018 10:47pm

I think you will be looking in the direction of bfang or cyclone setups, although I have no experience or much knowledge to offer on either. I jsut recall that being in the price range i believe.

hopefully that gets the ball rolling for you.

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