Two fried batteries, 1 fried BBSHD

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Stu Summer
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Two fried batteries, 1 fried BBSHD

Post by Stu Summer » Feb 17, 2018 10:02 pm

So my son's bbshd bike has a little wreck. The display harness pulled loose. Plug it back in, tiniest of surges in the motor then nothing, no display, 52V Dolphin battery dead. Take it home, try my 52V Dolphin battery from my bike. Tiniest of surges in the motor but again nothing displayed and won't turn on. And now BOTH batteries won't take a charge and won't turn on (nothing at the output ports according to multimeter.) I tried "Jump Starting" both batteries by charging through the output ports. Still nothing. A: What went wrong? B: Did I blow both BMS's and what on the BBSHD system would do that?
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Re: Two fried batteries, 1 fried BBSHD

Post by Marin » Feb 17, 2018 10:44 pm

since there was a little accident check the wiring with a meter and look for a dead short somewhere,
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