TSDZ2 Sensor Adjustments?

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TSDZ2 Sensor Adjustments?

Post by Daytriker » Feb 23 2018 4:42pm

I have a customer that has installed a 350 watt/36 volt TSDZ2 without throttle or Brake Inhibitor levers on a recumbent trike.
The biggest problem he has is the pedals are extremely hard to turn the motor over when there isn't any power energized from the battery. When there is power the pedals will turn but are still quite difficult. This sounds to me like the Torque settings are out of whack since the motor is running but not freely. Anyone have the instructions for setting the sub-menus on the Display or any other ideas please? Thank you.

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Re: TSDZ2 Sensor Adjustments?

Post by Drum » Feb 24 2018 4:10pm

Another possibility is mechanical friction, either inside the motor unit or external.
I read somewhere that another user of the TSDZ2 found that the inside of the crank arms rubbed on the side of the motor casing. He removed the crank arms, ground a couple of mm of metal off the inside face and re-installed them.. problem solved.
I would check for mechanical issues (with the chain removed, then with the chain on) before moving on to settings etc.

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