Bafang Max Drive - configuring

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Re: Bafang Max Drive - configuring

Post by altie » Nov 03 2019 5:45pm

e-bikeNZ wrote:
Mar 12 2018 12:56am
Hi idave, Main Changes as follows:

In Basic settings on my bike the Limit Speed was already 100% on every Assist level, so I just spread the assist levels for a gradual increase of assist on most settings, with a jump at the top end for Hills.
In the Pedal Assist setting, Current Decay at 8 and Keep Current at 80%, so it didn't fade if I slowed going up hills.
Left Work Mode at 10, as performance seemed to drop off slightly up hills whenever I raised it.
In the Torque Settings, reduced the Start & Full KG so it was less effort pedaling up hills & likewise raised max current to 100% on all settings except Speed0. Lowered the delta voltages also across the board, as this appeared to again make it easier pedalling up the Hills.

As you can probably guess, I don't really use power assistance on the flat except when I am in a hurry and then on Full Assistance can easily do 30-50 kph. My focus has been really on making it easy to get back up a very long steep hill on the way back to my house and it's certainly achieved that.
Great work ebikeNZ. This is a popular mid drive and your post is the most comprehensive I have found on instructions for configuring.

I currently have a converted bike with a Bafang BBS01, but am looking for a friend at a similar fitout to yours (XDS ecruz) but with a 11.5Ah battery.

My friend wants to use it for a flat 8km commute, as well as some hills riding in the Adelaide Hills. Nothing like your 430m rise though.....

A few questions:

a) how has it gone after a year of use?
b) any problems with motor wear running at the increased speeds?
c) If I just changed the max speed settings at the console and nothing in the advanced config, would you expect any problems?

Great work again. How can you help me with these questions?

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Re: Bafang Max Drive - configuring

Post by e-bikeNZ » Nov 04 2019 12:28am

Had no problems and wouldn't expect you will either, especially if you are just changing the display console settings.
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Re: Bafang Max Drive - configuring

Post by Joe_in_alaska » Nov 23 2019 6:16am

dceish wrote:
Nov 19 2018 10:14am
Hi All,

Any clue on how to configure DP C07 display/MM G330.250 motor without usb? C07 does not have usb port nor my menu does not have psd view -> cannot edit LUd or SPl option digits from default.

Thanks in advance!
Did you ever figure out a way to enter the 0512 password?

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