Charger recommendations

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Charger recommendations

Post by Farther » Apr 10 2018 8:04am

First ebike build, 48v system.
Looking for battery charger recommendations.

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Re: Charger recommendations

Post by markz » Apr 10 2018 9:10pm

Go for the iCharger if you are doing RC Charger, dont skimp on the charging amps. Like the $20 iMax 6S charger takes a long time.

iCharger - ... arger.html
I'd go with this one if I wanted to save a bit
or this one is the best one to get
then there are these

You'd want 8S or 10S, skip the 6S.

Justin at sells a good Satiator charger, doesnt do balancing ... rgers.html ... V1.0FW.pdf

Out of the box charging, Meanwell HRP are good. ... well%20hrp

You might have to put two in series to get your voltage which you can adjust, but you can not adjust the amps. If you have a 10Ah pack, best to get a 10A unit. Series you add the voltage and the current stays the same.

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Re: Charger recommendations

Post by Raisedeyebrows » Apr 12 2018 10:30am

The option for 80-90-100% charge settings model is the one I would get for a decent inexpensive charger.
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Re: Charger recommendations

Post by 12-C » Apr 12 2018 12:53pm

I couldn't be happier now that I have a revoletrix gt1000duo. Massive out put power so you need some massive server power supplies to feed it.

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Re: Charger recommendations

Post by Jon NCal » Apr 12 2018 12:58pm

Take a look at the Meanwell HLG's in the classified section. Great deal @ 35.00 shipped. Quality should be commercial quality vs. the average plastic or kingpan charger.

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Re: Charger recommendations

Post by morati » Apr 12 2018 3:31pm

If I had to do it all over again I'd spend the money and get the goods... ... uo/p256250

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