DIY Fix for BBS02/BBSHD Pedal/Throttle Issue

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Re: DIY Fix for BBS02/BBSHD Pedal/Throttle Issue

Post by hrasco » Dec 16 2021 3:05pm

fechter wrote:
Dec 04 2021 11:27am
hrasco wrote:
Dec 04 2021 12:34am
I am currently looking for a source of Darlingtons. The joys of supply chain.
Cheers and thanks for this thread.

Pretty much any NPN Darlington will work. Some may have different pinouts or package sizes.
There is a way to update the firmware on the controller to solve this problem
See this topic:
Thanks for your reply. I was able to find a "non lead free" version on Mouser. The more common versions were out of stock and their restock window was months out. I installed the fix and it seems to be working fine.

Thanks also for the link. There was some really good information therein. I was still not able to determine whether the firmware would work on a BBS02 or if there was a different firmware that would. The thrust of the thread was a voltage issue on the BBSHD and I am seeking a fix for the throttle issue on the BBS02. I discovered my older 02 bike has had the same problem and I don't want to tear it apart if I don't have to.

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Re: DIY Fix for BBS02/BBSHD Pedal/Throttle Issue

Post by SuperSl0w » Jan 14 2022 3:45pm

bullyyy wrote:
Oct 27 2020 2:58pm
The firmware Tomblarom shared in ... 6#p1591048 fixed the PAS/throttle problem on three of my controllers, HW 1.5
My current bbshd controller is broken, no pedal assist anymore, throttle works perfect. Changed pas sensor, no Bueno.. Now I'm looking for a new bbshd controller, but which type nr should I buy in order to flash this firmware?

My current bbshd controller is a 1-80-502. (1.4) so I can't flash the Tomblarom firmware, because that's 1.5.

I'm looking to buy: c769-51-501 controller, hopefully it's 1.5

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Re: DIY Fix for BBS02/BBSHD Pedal/Throttle Issue

Post by Bigworms77 » Jan 23 2022 6:49am

So I've seen several post in regards to pas sensor disabling. From my own knowledge I just removed the pas magnet from inside the casing by just removing the C clip and sliding it off. So easy to do and whilst I was at it greased both sides of the thrust bearings. I saw several post stating to cut the Grey wire but then you drop the resale value of your motor by doing it as someone else has already pointed out and really if you own a mid drive you should already be accustom to taking your side cover off and cleaning the old grease out every few weeks if you ride alot. Then re-greasing it

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