Bafang BBS02 Programming cable question.

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Bafang BBS02 Programming cable question.

Post by idx » May 13 2018 9:57am

Hello everyone.
I’ve got my Bafang bbs02 750w on my beach cruiser. But there is an issue with throttle thumb, it responds with delay and push transmission very hard. I think this may cause problems to nexus 8 hub and for chain too.
I want to fix gap between time when I starting throttle and when motor begin to reform as well as fix very high motor power on start.

I’ve got a programming cable, but it seems broken from beginning. I have tried several Windows PCs without success. Then I decided to break down cable to see what exactly inside.

Now I have a cable and broken serial programmer. I can buy new one, but now I need to figure out how to connect wires to new usb serial programmer (which I'm going to buy).
Also I found weird connection in my actual cable implementation (plz see photo).

Here is a cable:
Here is old not-working programmer:
And you can see strange connection here: white and black cables are connected to RXD, and blue connected to TXD.

Should I connect new usb serial device in the same way to the cable or should I use another scheme?
Some advices about throttle gap and power fix also appreciated.
Also, I'm going to drive on throttle only.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Bafang BBS02 Programming cable question.

Post by Drum » May 13 2018 3:11pm


Check out this thread for info on a fix for the throttle behavior: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=93977
There is also another called "Throttle behavior" that has more info on the issue.
Crazy that you would have to modify a brand new product from an established manufacturer, but that is what others are doing..

If you really do not want PAS, and are only going to use the throttle you can cut the grey wire from the PAS sensor (or possibly just disconnect the PAS sensor completely), then the throttle will not be affected by pedalling.

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