Advice on First e-bike build ( Motor & Controller )

Discussions related to motors other than hub motors.
This includes R/C motors, botttom bracket, roller and geared drives.
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Advice on First e-bike build ( Motor & Controller )

Post by exutkarsh » May 18 2018 6:57am


I have been researching making my own e-bike middrive for a while now. But I am new to this community and want to start from here. I am keen on getting a reliable working system with enhancements / features parked for the future since I am working to tight budgets.

1. Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor
2. KEDA 63-64 190KV Brushless Outrunner 10S 2000W

Turnigy 50A Skateboard ESC For Electric Conversion (w/BEC)

Given my budget, I wanted to go with Keda. However, I am not confident if the motor will work properly with the ESC or not. Will I fry the ESC - will I be able to limit the current to 45A even under full throttle? And can I run the 10S motor at 12S with lesser current to maintain the same power output?

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