BBSHD Brake Sensor - Hydraulic brake

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BBSHD Brake Sensor - Hydraulic brake

Post by michielk » May 24 2018 1:29pm

Hello guys,

I'm halfway through mounting my BBSHD on my freeride MTB. I'm really excited to get this bike finished! My bike has hydraulic brakes (Formula T1S) with 203mm rotors, but I can't seem to find a way to mount the brake sensor.

With mechanical brakes the lever goes away from the brake body, but with a hydraulic brake it is the other way around. Has anybody installed the brake sensor on similar bikes? Does anybody have any pictures? I've only been able to find pictures of mechanical brakes with the sensor mounted.

I also bought the gear selector, but would much rather not use that as it is quite a hassle to install. I figure I could just slightly brake (without really engaging it) and stop the motor that way, so i can switch gears. And i'd have the brake cut off as well then.


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Re: BBSHD Brake Sensor - Hydraulic brake

Post by perbear » May 28 2018 4:21pm

Do you have pictures of the brake sensor?

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