"Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

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"Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

Post by Coast Steve » Sep 27 2018 9:15pm

After looking at some of the new stuff coming out of China and trying to get a "claimed" powerful mid drive system that I could put on my 2001 Brodie 8 ball.
One company turned me down and told me their motor was only being sold as part of their bike and not alone.
Since it was so powerful it would be a liability.

I did mention I would sign a waiver
And mentioned I once rode moto GP bikes and superbikes, (and still do) so an electric bike motor ? wouldn't be a problem for me.
... But to no avail.
I didn't feel like going back and forth anymore with e-mail 3 days after I sent one anyway.

So, I spent my money 100% Local and it all stays right here in Canada.

What an awesome choice it was too. I picked up the phone and got the owner of "Kranked E bikes" right away.
Easy, peasy. Drove down and met him.
No planed obsolescence here, This stuff is built like a tank and to last.

Bjorn Enga the owner of Kranked E bikes was awesome to deal with. He knows his stuff.
He showed me every step of a system build. All the hardened gears, all the CNC'd stuff, the super well built parts..everything.
Quality, quality everywhere I looked.
Expensive, but worth every penny.

I gave him my 8 ball bike and he gave me back a total MONSTER.
This thing has so much climbing torque. It doesn't matter if it's uphill or flat, it goes just the same. You don't have to pedal at all if you don't feel like it.

These guys build bikes that head back up mountains after you ride down them. So they know the deal.
Tons of R&D time too. He's been in the business for many years.

My package comes with a top quality backpack that has a built in back protector, A large battery and a charger.
He added Race Face crank arms and pedals as part of this package. And race face grips.
Even gave me copies of the crazy extreme Downhill bike movies he's made over the years. "Kranked 1-8"

Overall, I'm super impressed with Bjorn, his shop and the attention to detail done at Kranked E bikes.
Best yet, I can put this system on a different bike too in the future.

And I'm glad my money stayed here.


E2 Hyperdrive
• High performance electric drive
• 1250 watt nominal / 3750 watt burst
• 60 volt (67.2 PEAK CHARGE)
• Pedal cadence optimized
• Internal air cooling
• Industry leading torque outputs

Kranked Interface
• Modular Interface that attaches the E2 Superdrive to existing
bike frames
• 4 versions to fit most bikes.
• Need to know if the bottom bracket is 73 mm width or 83 mm
• Need to know the frame geometry is long and low (B) or
traditionally straight (S)

Krankedset Turbine
• 36 tooth Raceface Narrow Wide,
• 40-46 tooth Blackspire DH ring
• Krankedset Carrier with freewheel
• Raceface Turbine crankarms 170m
• Raceface 30 mm cinch external BB w/100mm spindle

Hyperdrive 60V 6p 18a/hr battery
• 60 Volt (max 67.2 V)
• 50 amp continous output / 1209 w/h
• Samsung 30Q cells 16S 6P configuration
• 18 amp hours capacity
• Battery charger

EVOC Trail Team 20L Pack
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NOS 2001 Brodie 8 ball downhill ,DC Marzochi "World cup" shivers, 8" purple haze hydraulics , raceface stem, etc.

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Re: "Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

Post by Voltron » Sep 27 2018 9:26pm


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Re: "Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

Post by devo1223 » Sep 27 2018 11:16pm

I've had the pleasure of meeting and racing against Bjorn at the Lost Seirra bike race. Great guy. He comes to my area every year to race. He beat my 5kw hub motor bike. I'm building something faster to try and beat him next year. If you are up for a rode trip its in July
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Re: "Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

Post by morati » Sep 28 2018 5:02am

Beautiful bike! Seriously considering one of his kits for my own bike. Gonna visit Gibsons and the SunShine coast next year to scope it out for a possible move there. Hope to be able to visit KRANKED as well and ride some trails.

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Re: "Kranked" Meets retro Brodie 8 ball..

Post by Buckow » Nov 26 2019 4:00am

How’s your Brodie holding up? Any overheating issues when climbing for a long time? I’m considering the new Hyperdrive since they are now available for an 83mm bb. I want to put it on a longer frame to climb steeper trails without the front wheel coming up too much.

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