Any hope of TSDZ2 on pf92?

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Any hope of TSDZ2 on pf92?

Post by mossboss » Nov 08 2018 10:53pm

I thought I might be clever and try out a Bafang press-fit adapter ( ... -for-bbshd) to fit a TSDZ2 to a pf92 bike. After looking at the axle width of the Tongsheng (end of the manual https://opensourceebikefirmware.bitbuck ... MANUAL.pdf) it seems like the motor axle won't be long enough. Dang, any hope of redemption?

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Re: Any hope of TSDZ2 on pf92?

Post by ScooterMan101 » Nov 09 2018 2:32am

Praxis might have something for you .
My first conversion ... Sold

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=71378&p=1077497&hil ... 1#p1077497

It's 2018 already, lets get some real , improved e-bike / e-velomobile / e-motorcycle designs .

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