PAS to rc esc/motor combo

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PAS to rc esc/motor combo

Post by bandaro » Nov 20 2018 9:01pm

Hey guys, long time no see!

So I was cleaning my workshop and found I have a heap of spare or leftover bits, enough to mostly make a lightweight, low power bb drive for my commuter, so why not start a christmas project?

I was wanting to use the parts I have if possible, namely: FVT esc and 200kv sensor-less motor to keep it cheaper. I'll wind down the esc to 20% power or so (300 odd watts) but was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a way to hook up a pedal throttle to the FVT esc? I probably have a servo tester floating around as well, do these throttle types need one or can someone link me to one that will plug straight into the FVT?

Thanks in advance for any help!

For those interested, the basic idea is either a wee little kepler inspired friction drive or a compact 2 stage belt reduction and motor within an enclosure and a #25 chain down to the cranks. A look through the design guidelines from gates and it should be good for up to about 600w, but I was just wanting a low power booster that I can easily fit to the bike when I'm lazy. With a chain break link the only trace left on the bike could be the PAS throttle, a mount plate and main #25 chainring on the cranks.
I also have a 120w PS and 6s BMS, so may make it a complete unit that clips on/off... Looking at some options and prices before I knuckle down into the knitty gritty design of it.

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