Are there BBS02 "inset" crank arms?

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Are there BBS02 "inset" crank arms?

Post by JGAN » Nov 23 2018 4:31pm

The stock crank arms for the BBS02 have a really wide q-factor for me, especially on the drive side. It's causing a lot of knee issues when pedaling. Are there any sort of crank arms I can install that are "inset" so that the pedals will be closer to the chain stays? I looked at the lekkie buzz bars but it seems that they do the exact opposite and move the pedals away from the chain stays.

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Re: Are there BBS02 "inset" crank arms?

Post by neptronix » Nov 23 2018 9:51pm

Yeah, that's why i don't have a bbs02 anymore.

I have tibial torsion, which means that one foot points outwards 15 degrees, which means that i have had an abnormal wear pattern on my cartilage since birth. This is due to a naturally twisted shin bone.
Pedaling the bbs02 hurt since day one.

I've noticed that a majority of add on mid drives just put the right pedal out by 10mm, which is enough to potentially create muscle inbalances over time ( if you have bad knees, you likely already have unbalanced leg muscles ). I had my first major episode of patellafemoral syndrome after riding the bbs02 for a month.. and that landed me in physical therapy.

You will need to look at aftermarket cranks. For some reason, most aftermarket cranks i tried had a tendency of coming loose during riding. Something about how the bbs02 drive axle was machined..

Let me know if you find a solution, i'm curious.
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Re: Are there BBS02 "inset" crank arms?

Post by tommie » Nov 24 2018 2:47pm

Shimano STePS FC-E6000 Crank Arm Set

ps. also check items 45 and 46 at the top of that advertisement, they may have different offsets.

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