Anyone know the wiring of a Yamaha pw series motor?

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Anyone know the wiring of a Yamaha pw series motor?

Post by Pwnlord187 » Mar 13 2019 3:46pm

I have the Yamaha motor bypassing the internal controller and out to my external one, everything seems fine except I don't have pas. Was looking into different add-ons available, and when I look into torque sensors the price can be pretty high. This motor already has one but I can't figure out how to wire it, if possible. The sensor has 5 wires that go to a small encoder board, that has 3 wires coming from that, that go to the controller. I've tried these 3 wires to the pas input on my controller with no luck, and have also checked continuity from hall seignal ground, to each of these 3 wires, with no luck also..

Anyone else go through the same thing?
Also, if I can't get that going.. what would be a good add on to consider? For a smooth pedal assist?
(My controller doesn't support imitation torque sensing)


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