trunk mounted bike carry racks

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trunk mounted bike carry racks

Post by bobc186 » Jun 10 2021 10:36pm

i’ve been researching, a trunk mounted carry rack for my ebike that i am in the process of building....which is my first build.....i haven’t weighed the bike yet,but i’m assuming somewhere, around 45ish pounds......anyway, i drive a 4 door sedan and would like to know, what my fellow e bikers  are would be awesome..thanks for looking...

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Re: trunk mounted bike carry racks

Post by TDB » Jun 11 2021 12:26am

1up is a gold standard for bike carriers. I'm not sure they make trunk mount though. They are usually hitch or roof mount. I'd try to talk you out of trunk mount as they are the least secure/stable.
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Re: trunk mounted bike carry racks

Post by 99t4 » Jun 11 2021 2:19am

Also not a fan of trunk or hatch mount. I have carried plenty of multiple heavy bikes on my Allen brand 3 bike hitch mount carrier. Thickwall steel channel, overspec'd fasteners. Biggest/heaviest was a 65-70 lb. Radpower Radwagon longtail utility e-bike. No problem at all.

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Re: trunk mounted bike carry racks

Post by dogman dan » Jun 11 2021 5:05am

You need a hitch on the car, for a hitch mount rack. The swagman hitch rack is very affordable, yet damn surprising strong.

Its pretty easy to install one yourself, once you order the correct one for your model and year of car. The hitch will come with a neat tool that makes it easy to put the bolt in the frame of your car, and then you just need the wrench to tighten up the bolt.

A very light, less expensive 1 1/4 inch hitch will do just fine, and no wiring unless you actually want to tow a light bike trailer.

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