hub motor identification

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hub motor identification

Post by Kevswar » May 06 2019 9:29am


Trying to id this hub motor i picked up at the fleamarket

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Re: hub motor identification

Post by eee291 » May 06 2019 11:38am

The brand is called ''Ultramotor'' the A2B metro uses that motor.
I even found two on ebay here that had an external controller, they ran fine with some 25A controllers.

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Re: hub motor identification

Post by Voltron » May 06 2019 11:57am

Yup... And your logo picture is upside down...

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Re: hub motor identification

Post by donn » May 06 2019 2:13pm

Maybe it's in Australia?

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Re: hub motor identification

Post by amberwolf » May 07 2019 12:48am

They're also used on (at least some) Stromers; I have a Mountain 33 version on the front of SB Cruiser now, "soon" to be tested using an external controller (no way to operate the internal controller without all the rest of the Stromer bike system, whcih I don't have).

Stromer motor rewiring / etc.: ... 3#p1463762

SB Cruiser thread mounting / etc posts:


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