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E-gravel prototype powered by Xiongda YTW-06

Posted: May 31 2019 3:46am
by Sgarufone

in the last months I build from scratch an e-gravel prototype using Xiongda YTW-06 as a mid motor. i used sensorless, 36V version purchased directly from Xiongda and with suggested controller (Lishui) and display (C600).

Bike works pretty well, but I'd like to customize how motor works and I tried to change controller setup and to use other display / PAS (EggBiker display - I need a smaller one and KT-V12 PAS - smaller and better integrated). I purchased an ST-Link V2 programmer and Lishui utility for setting changes, but PC cannot see the controller. have anyone of you experience on Lishui controller programming and can provide any suggestion to me?

I'm also evaluating to use different controller (Phaserunner), anyone of you have Xiongda YTW-06 motor working with Phaserunner? This should be a viable option, since Pahserunner seems to offer overall better performances too.

If you want to see bike's photos and additional information, you can find FB page "Scossa - Gravel Ebike" (sorry but I was not able to post photos here :-) ).

Thanks in advance for your help.