Adding electric assist to Babboe Curve cargo bike

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Adding electric assist to Babboe Curve cargo bike

Post by JayLonghorn » Jun 30 2019 9:01pm

Hi! I’d love to get advice from the knowledgeable folks here! We have just acquired a Babboe Curve cargo bike. We are loving it so far! We are using it for short trips but would like to go longer distances. So at some point, I’d like to add electric assist.

A few details about the bike:
Tire size: Schwalbe Big Apple 26 inch rear wheel, 20 inch front wheel.
Gears: Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hub
Bike details:

I read some comments in another group about Bafang mid drive not being suitable for this bike. I was told I could put the smaller BBS01 or BBS02 Bafangs but I’d need to remove part of the support brace that runs under the frame (notching it) so not ideal.

The Pendix system was recommended as the easiest install on my bike with the longer battery cable version to mount the battery on the steering column. However, they don’t sell to consumers directly and there are no dealers in California.

Has anyone tried installing an after market electric assist on this bike? I am assuming another option would be to remove the internal gear hub and get a hub motor with derailleur. Or I could install two smaller hub motors on front wheels.

Would love to hear if you have experience with this or similar bike!

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