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Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 02 2019 10:31am
by Randywmarsh
I have never done this before.
I am old and big 260 lbs
It’s pretty hilly around here
I don’t need to go over 20 mph
2 hours of range would be perfect
I plan to pedal a lot for exercise
Need the boost for hills and to get home if fatigue / hip pain gets too bad
I love the comfort of my Revive, but not being able to stand on the pedals limits hill climbing for me.
I would like to complete this project for less than $1,000.
The revive has 20 inch wheels.
My research has led me to believe that I might like the following...
1000 w hub motor
30 amp sine wave controller
52 volt 14s7p 18650 battery pack
Front hub motor?
I like the idea of a front hub motor
The bike is heavy in the back already
The battery will be going on the back luggage rack
I fear lack of traction going up hills
Am I on the right track here?
Any obvious misconceptions?

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 02 2019 11:25am
by flat tire
Nice poem. I like how it sticks out in the middle.

Other than that get a real bike with real wheels, like 26". It will roll nicer and has the main advantage of being available in a geometry suitable for your size. Geometry is the most critical thing, not just for your beautiful heap of words but also to keep your body healthy on the bike. I doubt a bike with 20" wheels is the right size for a huge ass dude.

Where the weight is doesn't really matter if you don't want to ride fast as long as the bike don't tip over too easily.

Oh and your battery / controller / motor choice is totally reasonable, so nothing needed to change there on a budget build.

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 02 2019 11:35am
by MadRhino
The Giant revive must be built rear motor, for the bike geometry doesn't give traction on the front. ie: the rider's weight is on the rear wheel. The battery must be on the front, for the same obvious reason. Also, the rr dropouts of this bike are very easy to fit a motor.

20" rear motor kits are good and cheap. 20" wheels are not hard on power group, so you don't need big components . A cheap battery though, is not a good investment. For this reason, I find that building with 1000$ is not enough. I would put 1000$ on battery alone.

The bike itself is not sport, so can't be built fast and powerfull. Yet it is very comfortable, for someone with physical limitations especially. The suspension is compact and good for the street without any mods. I believe it's worth spending the money to build a good long range ebike with it.

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 02 2019 1:22pm
by Randywmarsh
For those not familiar with the rather strange Giant Revive. ... evive.html

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 02 2019 2:23pm
by E-HP
Not sure what steep means to you. But, looks like a nine continent hub with Statorade, in a 20" wheel, should get you up 10% grades without overheating (with 52v 20 aH battery, and 30 amp controller), assuming 330 lbs for bike and rider. Without Statorade, it will melt in 11 minutes. ... h&grade=10

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jul 03 2019 9:24am
by docw009
I did look up your bike. Looks kind of fun. Also found one that was electrified with a rear hub,

I've got one small geared front hub on a 20" wheel, and the same on rear 20" wheels. Loss of traction on wet surfaces is a possibility, especially starting uphill. The front will toss loose gravel on gravel surfaces too. Some of the Giant reviews say the front fork is Cr-moly? That would reduce my reluctance to front drive installs. I did mine on a whim, but in hindsight, would just as soon skip the concerns they generate. I do have two torque arms, and the nuts haven't moved on that FWD.

Very few hills by me. The steepest climbs I've encountered are bridges and never been on a hill that goes on and on and on, except for converted train routes and those are only 2%
I wonder if a 500W geared motor with 20A controller wouldn't climb better than a 1000W DD.

Re: Giant Revive e-bike project

Posted: Jan 11 2022 3:55am
by Cowardlyduck
Sorry for digging up an old thread.

I started a new thread for everyone to discuss Giant Revive conversions in one place.
Giant Revive conversions

Feel free to jump over and update us on your build if you want.