Triangle or down tube battery for off road?

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Triangle or down tube battery for off road?

Post by SeaBass » Jul 20 2019 12:47am

Noob question - for off-road riding, what style battery would be better for weight distribution and overall security of the battery? It would be matched up with a Tongsheng 750w mid drive.

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Re: Triangle or down tube battery for off road?

Post by flat tire » Jul 22 2019 3:05pm

The concern over weight distribution implies that you'll be riding hard. Triangle battery implies that you'll be doing this on a hardtail which sucks.

I would recommend a better bike with full suspension if you don't already have it, and put the battery wherever you want. Up high will increase maneuverability, up front will decrease understeer.

I put my MTB batteries either on top of the top tube or alongside it.

If you need more front grip, lean forward more.

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Re: Triangle or down tube battery for off road?

Post by MadRhino » Jul 22 2019 5:12pm

I like 4 bricks on the front of the DH fork, and 4 on the top tube. The front bag mount is a U shaped alu sheet cut off a ´no parking’ sign. The top tube bag is stiffened and armored with carbon sheets. 24s 16Ah is enough for the small mountain here. If you need more, I suggest a standard down tube case with another 4.

Packing a lot together in a triangle box does make them batteries heat prone. This would require some active cooling to supply reliably the power I need.
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