How many throttles have you damaged?

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How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by markz » Jul 25 2019 8:27pm

Whether the wire colors were wrong, or some mystery controller, or just not thinking, or physical damage to the controller?

I have wired the throttle wrong and damaged about 3 or 4 throttles. Todays, was a mystery ebay purchase which had an on/off button for ignition, High/Med/Low battery indicator and the throttle all in one. The green wire in that had power for the led indicator, but the throttle signal was white.

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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by flat tire » Jul 25 2019 8:34pm

I haven't damaged any like that, but I've crashed a lot and physically damaged the ends of 5 or 6 dominos.

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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by docw009 » Jul 25 2019 8:47pm

Have not damaged any from electrical mishaps, but all were standard 3 wire units. If playing around with a model that brings in battery power to a start button, yes, you would probably smoke it if you miswired any of the low voltage throttle circuits to the battery,

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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by e-beach » Jul 25 2019 8:51pm

8 or 10 in like 7 years. I tend to release the throttle, I found, by slipping my thumb away from the throttle and it snaps back into the off position. Over time that also breaks the inside of the throttle.... :oops:

I have never gone so far as to wire one improperly even though the new throttles I get never have the right connectors. I just test the throttle on the bench and wire it to the existing connector.

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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by amberwolf » Jul 26 2019 12:30am

Broke two thumb tabs off throttles, both by being near or at max throttle and then hitting some road damage that pushed my thumb harder against it than the plastic could stand. Both were also at least several years old at that point, exposed to teh harsh Phoenix sun and weather most of that time.

I don't think I've had any electrically damaged.

I have, however, read a number of times of people with the battery meters built into the throttles having the throttle (and sometimes the controller) fried simply by getting the throttle (or the connection to controlelr) wet, because the battery voltage can then leak into the hall power or signal lines, and there's no protection against that on anything connected to those.

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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by larsb » Jul 26 2019 1:49am

Damaged one domino from strapping cable too tight to the frame. Short circuit and Runawaaaay throttle after a year or so :D


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Re: How many throttles have you damaged?

Post by boytitan » Jul 29 2019 10:09pm

I no longer use thumb throttles I break them to much from force of hand.

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