dual mode/Universal Voltage controllers worth?

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dual mode/Universal Voltage controllers worth?

Post by seanau » Aug 02 2019 8:07pm

I am searching for a 36V 500W controller, i have come accross many many 'dual mode brushless controller' controllers.

Is it worth? can the seller adjust the voltage before shipping?

this is one of them -> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32998740994.html

Thank you
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Re: Duel Voltage controllers worth?

Post by flat tire » Aug 02 2019 8:10pm

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Re: Universal Voltage controllers worth?

Post by Drunkskunk » Aug 02 2019 8:26pm

Mostly it's marketing. Almost all of the 36v controllers can handle peaks up to 63 volts, so are fine at 48 volts. Most of those controllers also have a programmable LBC (Low Battery Cut off) to protect the battery size you use, settable by the LCD/control panel, if you have one.

Worth it? Yes/No. Not if they cost more, but nothing wrong with them.
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Re: dual mode/Universal Voltage controllers worth?

Post by docw009 » Aug 02 2019 9:31pm

Yes, I have used these PSWpower 36/48V 20A sinewave controlers.

When a battery is attached, the controller looks at the initial voltage and will select either 36V or 48V. Normal range of a 48V pack is 42-54V. Normal range of a 36V pack is 30-42V. If You attach a discharged 48V pack that is at 44 V, it may get read as a 36V pack. You also have to be careful when switching packs. If you switch between voltages too quickly, the controller may get confused. I switch the controller on after removing the pack, and that will discharge any residual voltage.

The dual mode just picks the the right low voltage cutoff (LVC) for the pack. LVC is about 30V for a 36V pack and is 42V for a 48V pack, f you have a display that allows further parameter adjustment, like an LCD3, you can further tune LVC. Otherwise, it runs the bikes the same way except the voltage is different.

Since I have batteries that are 10S (36v), 13S (48V) and 14S (52V), it's nice to have a controller that can work with any of them. There is one issue with 52V, in that these controllers won't set the right LVC for 52V, so I have to watch the voltage .

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