Added another cell to 10S 8AH pack....

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Added another cell to 10S 8AH pack....

Post by pullin-gs » Oct 01 2019 9:37pm

TerraTrike w/20" wheels.
New pack build 11S 8AH LIPO (made of used pouch cells from hybrid bus) pack trike does 25MPH fresh off charger. Range is 20 miles.
My 10S6P 18AH 29E sanyo pack speed is 22MPH max. Range is 50 miles.
I love my Q128C (328RPM, 36V) motor. I never expected to get 25MPH from a 500w rated motor.
Today I ran it hard for 11 miles non-stop. Hub was warm to the touch, but not hot to the point of not being able to hold finger on it.
10 months and about 1000 miles still going strong.
Had a few hickups (sticking clutch) initially, but it went away after things broke in.

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