Bike shop that repairs/services e-bikes in the UK

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Bike shop that repairs/services e-bikes in the UK

Post by phytema » Nov 05 2019 2:07pm

Hi all

I have an aging e-bike (2.5 years old) and the rear wheel hub motor has a couple of broken spokes and some loose ones. As a result, the bike feels very unstable and I am not riding it anymore. The retailer who sold it to me has gone out of business, the local bike shops, Halfords and Cliff Pratt, won't touch it citing various reasons so I have it in storage as I don't know how to fix it.

Do you know of any reputable bike shops (or individuals) in the UK that would replace the rear wheel with a new one and service the bike in general? I am located in Hull and can ship anywhere in the UK (within reason). The bike is a 1500W VooDoo HooDoo MTB with a 60v/18ah battery pack and a 60v sinewave controller.


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Re: Bike shop that repairs/services e-bikes in the UK

Post by amberwolf » Nov 06 2019 12:53am

If it's just spokes, you dont' ahve to replace the whole wheel.

Just take one of the spokes from the left side and measure with a millimeter ruler from teh tip of the threaded section to the J bend, and the same for one from the right side, and write these two numbers down.

Then call up Danscomp or go to Grin Tech's site, or similar, and order those two lengths of spokes, in the correct nubmer for each side (probably 18 for each side, I'd order at least two extra of each length just in case you need them later). I'd order 14g, or butted 14-15g, but if you have to you can use butted 13-14g (that's the thickest I would use--thicker is not better).

It is pretty simple at that point to just go around the wheel replacing old spokes with new ones, making sure you use the right length for each side (usually shorter on the right, longer on the left).

Once they are swapped out, then you just need to tension them, and then true them (if you have rim brakes the truing needs to be more precise than if you don't).

There are a fair number of threads here on ES, and websites out there, as well as Youtube videos, on how to tension and true a wheel (wheelbuilding). The hardest part is already done for you, and that's the lacing (installing the spokes in the right way); you just ahve to copy exactly what they already did. :0

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Re: Bike shop that repairs/services e-bikes in the UK

Post by Springforward » Nov 28 2019 1:15pm

Ask on .uk, most bike shops will not look at these and ebike shops will only service their own brands. You will need to find a fellow ebiker with the skills required.

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