Shimano STePS % assist for different motors

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Shimano STePS % assist for different motors

Post by MassDeduction » Nov 30 2019 3:08am

Doing a web search I was able to find the claim that Shimano STePS 6000 assists you up to 70% on low assist, 150% on medium, and 230% on high.

I haven't been able to find this info for any other Shimano motor, can anyone else comment about percentage assist on 5000, 6100, 7000, or 8000?

Also, I'd be especially curious to know how STePS 7000 and STePS 8000 are after being tuned by the E-Tube Project app. Each level of assist has three pre-sets, any idea what that translates to in % assist and/or approximate torque? If a STePS 8000 motor's max torque is 70 Nm when Boost is set to high, what is it when Boost is set to medium or low for example? Does a STePS 7000 motor set to high boost actually have more hill-climbing power than a STePS 8000 motor set to low Boost, or are they close to equal? Could be some interesting comparisons and some fascinating range consequences to the different presets!

Thank you very much for all responses!

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