Bafang Bafagn on Amazon

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OBone   10 mW

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Bafang Bafagn on Amazon

Post by OBone » Dec 04 2019 4:17pm

I recall that a Chinese company made a blatant copy of a Honda motorcycle. They simply named it Honga.

I am looking at 500w geared hub motors for my 29er. The first couple and cheapest hits I m getting from Amazon is Bafagn. I know that it's all made in China any way, but the Bafang name carries some weight. Lower down in the description it is spelled Bafang, so I don't know. ... VKZ5EFPEV0

What do you guys think. Typo or strategically misspelled?
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mark5   100 kW

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Re: Bafang Bafagn on Amazon

Post by mark5 » Dec 04 2019 4:31pm

Looks like a typo in the title. Everywhere else it's spelled the way you'd expect.

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Re: Bafang Bafagn on Amazon

Post by MadRhino » Dec 04 2019 7:09pm

Paul, a long time ES member and reputable seller, is the best place to buy a Bafang kit at a good price. His web site is Many here had built their bikes with Bafang motors.

This is not a personal reference. I build with much bigger motors. I suggest that you read threads from those who are using Bafang motors, and gather information/reference from them.

Good luck with your build.
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