Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by Santacruz » Oct 19 2020 3:11pm

SL33 wrote:
Oct 19 2020 2:48pm
I have tried a few and my favourite is the grin slim right hand half twist.
so slim can fit shifter without interference.
I like how the twist and grip are same diameter. The Chinese ones all seem to have a fatter twist part, which i can't stand.
Most throttles are cheap enough you can get a few and try, then you have spares
I agree with that one. I have the left and right versions. Left for variable regen and right for throttle. Shifter is a Shimano finger and thumb shifter and fits nicely with the throttle.
I also like the way the throttles fit, by expanding gripper inside the handle bar.

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by jangles » Oct 19 2020 3:32pm

Half twist , left side .

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by Skaiwerd » Oct 19 2020 6:31pm

Domino full twist.
I’m heading towards regen braking and after reading this post I changed my mind from left thumb to matching domino twist. Full twist seems the best for holding on.

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by 999zip999 » Oct 19 2020 10:04pm

Remember Regen heat's of the motor as it's working and making heat.

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by geosped » Jan 30 2021 10:10pm

For mountain biking / trail riding I've played with the right side full twist, right side half twist and left side thumb throttle. I prefer the left side thumb throttle by far. I have it right next to the brake lever at an angle so that my four fingers are wrapped around the grip and throttle is just an extension of my thumb. The problem I have with the twist is your hand's / wrist aren't locked when under throttle so your wrist is bent potentially compromising your arm posture. Not ideal when riding a mounting bike uphill over roots and lots or rocks under throttle. You want your wrist in line with your arm not cocked. The other issue with the twist if your trail riding and go backwards like your going to slow up the hill and you have to suddenly jump off or if you start to go back you wind up going full throttle making the crash worse. Thumb throttle it's much easier to let go. I thought It would take me much longer to get adjusted to the thumb throttle after having used the half twist for so long but it turns out it's much easier to get used to and feels safer.
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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by HrKlev » Jan 31 2021 3:29am

On my ebikes I have gears and dropper post on the right, so thumb throttle goes on the left. The one that Balmorea posted is by far my favorite. I like to peddle, so I am relying 99% on a well tuned torque based PAS, though. Sometimes I havent touched the throttle for the whole trip.

On my motorcycle where I depend 100% on throttle input, its right side full twist. For reasons mentioned earlier in thread :)
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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by markz » Jan 31 2021 5:37am

Three of these, because having spares is nice so theres no downtime. ... 6bf3N4LXJg

geosped wrote:
Oct 15 2020 1:44pm
For those of you that ride off road like dedicated mountain biking trails. Do you prefer:
  • thumb throttle on left only
  • thumb throttle on left with PAS assist
  • thumb throttle on right
  • thumb throttle on right with PAS assist
  • twist throttle only on right
  • twist throttle on right with PAS?
With what ever option you prefer does your display allow you to change? Like if I'm riding a very technical trail and I dont want PAS I just want to turn that off completely does the settings menu allow you to turn that off so your only using your throttle twist or thumb to control your speed?

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Re: Off Road Throttle which one do you prefer?

Post by pullin-gs » Feb 01 2021 7:28pm

I kept things simple.
RH half-twist PAS
LH shifter (1X RH shifter).

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