wheels with motors *only* now available

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wheels with motors *only* now available

Post by kylerlaird » Jan 30 2021 4:18pm

Thursday (two days ago) night, I finished making the wire harnesses for another bike for my girls. I had just received some new bags so I was testing to see how a larger battery would fit in them. Well...I did something dumb...really dumb. The wiring harness was still connected to the wheel, which was sitting on the floor...and I plugged the battery into the controller. Spinning wheel, blood, sparks, ... and a mutilated wheel motor cable. Ug.

I went online to see about a replacement. Ouch - $434. That's with the whole conversion kit full of stuff that I don't use. I've looked a couple times and even written to retailers about selling just the wheels but no one seems to be interested in that. I decided to take another look.

That's when I discovered that eBikeling (which made the wheel I'd broken) is now selling wheels without the extras.
https://ebikeling.com/collections/ebike ... ersion-kit
The 26" 1200W front fat tire wheel is only $198.40!

Hmmm...I've seen prices like that for kits but then there's a couple hundred dollars for shipping. Nope - free shipping!

I received the wheel today. That's right; I ordered it early Friday morning and received it the next day. Wow! Way to go eBikeling!

I was not expecting that kind of service. In fact, I was fairly sure that it would take a week to get another wheel. So sure that I went ahead and opened the motor and repaired it using an extension cable I had on hand. That works, too! I needed another 26" wheel so this is all great! (In fact, I'll be ordering at least one more from eBikeling soon).

I am thrilled that there's such a great supplier in the US - and it's near me (in Chicago).

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