i might as well talk to myself

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DCB-BLDC   10 mW

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i might as well talk to myself

Post by DCB-BLDC » Dec 13 2009 4:24pm

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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by liveforphysics » Dec 13 2009 4:49pm

15w while idle, 150w when I hit the boost button.

Boost irons. Get one. I've got $500 soldering stations with digital fuzzy logic temp control that sit and collect dust since getting a $25 boost iron.
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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by docnjoj » Dec 13 2009 5:01pm

Old Weller :) 80 watt with hammer head. I used to use it for soldering Nicads directly to each other in a jig. Heat end of each cell at the same time and slam them together gently. Pre tinned, of course! Made 6 or 7 cell sticks.
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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by deardancer3 » Dec 13 2009 5:19pm

One 25 watt "pencil and one 50/250 watt gun.
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rscamp   1 kW

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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by rscamp » Dec 13 2009 5:22pm

R/Cer with 40W for general soldering and 80W with hammerhead tip as above for use prior to LiPos sweeping Ni-XX cells off the map...

In most cases, it is better to modulate heat input by changing tip mass than by changing wattage. Mass sinks heat into the joint quickly whereas wattage alone requires additional time...
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TPA   10 kW

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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by TPA » Dec 13 2009 8:43pm

Weller wes51 is 50W and a decent station. I'm happy with it.
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Re: How many watts is your soldering iron?

Post by ElectricEd » Dec 13 2009 9:41pm

Old Weller 60 watt soldering station with 700deg magnetic tips. It's a bit of a dinosaur but still works well. I've been lusting over some new leadless stations for ROHS work but haven't had a big enough job come in to justify the dollars spent. :(
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