Plea for Help

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Plea for Help

Post by grandmasterE » Oct 25 2010 10:03pm

Hey guys,

I apologize in advance but this isn't ebike related. Nick Moore has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition and risks going blind at 24. His story is in this video: ... -2010.html

I'm sorry to clog the forum, but a friend is in dire need right now and I'm doing anything I can to help get the word out. Nick is well known in the bike industry, a stand-up guy, and probably one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Unfortunately like most in the bike industry he's in it to follow his passion not the dollars, and he can't cover the $20K he needs by Nov.9. $20K may not seem like a lot to some (especially to save your only eye), but the simple fact is if you don't have it, you just don't have it.

If you could buy a jersey as mentioned in that article it would be a big help. Several sponsers have kicked in some product to be given away as draw prizes for people who buy jerseys. There is a paypal account setup for donations:

Again, sorry to clog the forum, but I feel like I have to help a friend, and any help you can offer is much appreciated. Any help to spread the word would also be appreciated.

As a final bit on info, Nick has stated that if he is able to raise over $20K, the surplus will go to help the next people that need the surgery and can't afford it.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Plea for Help

Post by NorCalTuna » Oct 27 2010 8:04pm

i'm gonna bump this cuz I've had eye problems and surgeries and they're stressful enough without not having the loot, and my best friend, a remarkable classical guitarist, has the ear equivalent of this and is getting his surgery tomorrow courtesy of the US Army. I hope it doesn't seem trolly.

good luck Nick!

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