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class of ebike

Post by jondoh » Oct 13 2007 7:07pm

I'm procrastinating on some work I have to get done today...

I was thinking that a with such a wide range of performance capabilities, it might be somewhat useful to classify ebikes.

Class A - peddal assist
Class B - power on demand top speed below 20 mph
Class C - power on demand top speed below 30 mph
Class D - power on demand speeds above 30 mph


I'm done wasting time for now...

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Post by recumbent » Oct 14 2007 2:03pm

For the rest of the world that would be:

class-a- pedal assist only
class-b- " " & top speed below 32km/h
class-c- " " & top speed below 50km/h
class-d- " " & top speed above 50km/h

I think a class system would be a good Idea.
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Post by Lessss » Oct 14 2007 2:29pm

Recreation class - pedal assist only
Commuter class - " " & top speed below 32km/h
Traveler class - " " & top speed below 50km/h
Sport class - " " & top speed above 50km/h
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Re: class of ebike

Post by Mathurin » Apr 19 2008 12:39am

Except this classification system already exists, complete with names and regulations specific to each kind. Not hard to understand.

Class A & B <20-32km/h are called Pedelecs or Electric bicycles
Class C <45-50km/h are called Mopeds
Class D >50km/h are called Motorcycles, there's further divisions in this class.
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Re: class of ebike

Post by kbarrett » Apr 19 2008 8:43pm

I refuse to be classified.

I might just build a 60 MPH pedelec just to mess this up.
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