E-bike Roadkill? No, just Roadstunned

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E-bike Roadkill? No, just Roadstunned

Post by geetarboy » Jun 07 2011 10:29pm

Well, I knew it was gonna happen eventually, I hit a squirrel. I was going about 25mph and barely saw it before I felt it jolt my front tire. I slowed down right away and did a u-turn just in time to see it get up and scamper off the road. Another reason e-bikes are "enviromentally friendly" 8)

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Re: E-bike Roadkill? No, just Roadstunned

Post by MikeFairbanks » Jun 07 2011 11:03pm

Last year, as I was going about 20mph, I had a rabbit run across the road and somehow didn't get hit by me even though it passed right under the cranks. It was missed by both the front and back wheel. Scared the heck out of me.
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Re: E-bike Roadkill? No, just Roadstunned

Post by liveforphysics » Jun 07 2011 11:51pm

I hit a squirrel, saw it run under the front tire and didn't even feel a bump at all. Blew its guts out. Poor little guy.
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Re: E-bike Roadkill? No, just Roadstunned

Post by rippingdoc » Jun 08 2011 12:32am

Contrast those ebike collisions with animals with this one: Over 20 years ago I was driving a Peugeot station wagon through Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. Mikumi NP is out in the country about 120 miles west of Dar es Salaam Around 50 miles of two lane highway run through the park. A wildebeest dashed across the highway, which is unfenced, right in front of my vehicle. I slammed on the brakes but hit the creature at around 10 mph, I estimated. The impact was enough to throw it on to the hood and into the windshield. The collision with the beast took out the entire windshield but fortunately he was too large to fit through it. The wildebeest bounced back off and ended up quivering in front of my stopped vehicle. My passenger and I were stunned by the collision and sat for awhile covered in thousands of small shards of glass! Two African national park workers in a truck drove up, not out of concern for us but because they wanted to bleed the animal before it died. If they had not done that, the Muslim workers could not have eaten it. I was fortunate to have been in a large station wagon, however. If I had collided with that perhaps 600 - 800 pound animal while riding on an ebike, I might not have lived to type this comment. Sometimes being "ungreen" may be bad for the environment but good for us. One of my acquaintences in a Land Rovercollided with a rhinoceros. The rhino ran off but he ended up in a hospital. :cry:

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