controller recommendation please...

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lapd1685   100 mW

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controller recommendation please...

Post by lapd1685 » Jul 09 2011 1:03pm

I need some help picking a controller that will work well with

A123 M1A 52V 11.5Ah Triangle Battery Pack with 30A BMS from Emissions-Free


Crystalyte Rear Motor :HS3540 Sensorless

A recommendation and a link to buy one would be great Thanks...

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wesnewell   100 GW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by wesnewell » Jul 09 2011 2:45pm

Just a link. Don't know anything about them.
Need Advice? ... =3&t=66302
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Huffy Fortress 3.0 with MXUS 3000 4T motor, 24s lipo, 96V 60A controller. Total cost with extras <$700. Top speed ~50mph
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grindz145   100 MW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by grindz145 » Jul 09 2011 2:52pm

Order a 12 FET from Lyen, thats the one I was talking about: ... 31&t=17683

BTW ebikes SF are selling the HS35 for 280 in the for-sale-new section, check it out.

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jimw1960   10 kW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by jimw1960 » Jul 09 2011 3:00pm

A 30-amp BMS on A123 batteries is kind of like tying an anchor on a fine thoroughbred race horse. Is your 30-amp BMS is capable of higher bursts. If so, just get the 48v/40amp Crystallyte controller that is designed to go with that motor. A lot of people recommend the Lyen controllers, but I'm always seeing posts on here where people can't get them to work right with sensorless motors. There are a few vendors on here that sell Crystalyte designed specifically for your motor. I know Maxwell65 will give you a decent price on a sensorless controller. See his thread on here for how to order one: ... 31&t=26500

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Lyen   10 kW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by Lyen » Jul 09 2011 8:32pm

I actually have the 12 FET 4110 MOSFET Generation 2 sensorless controller LYEN edition that is a perfect fit for both the Crystalyte HS3540 and HT3525 motors for up to 100V. This is a very new controller that I have yet got a chance to advertise in the forum. This is a second generation sensorless with both sensorless built into the main MCU chip instead of two separate processors for faster speed and features.

This guy was running at 18S lipo and later at 22S lipo. See here: ... 97#p411697

Another customer from France made a couple of videos with his HS3540 at 72V:

In fact, I have received a comment from a French customer on the video above:

Sent: Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:05 am
From: pchen92
To: Lyen

I set the controller to higher amp and it makes a huuuuuge difference at low speed. Now I just have to accelerate from a dead stop or 5km/h to wheelie like crazy :mrgreen:

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dogman dan   100 GW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by dogman dan » Jul 10 2011 10:32am

Knew you'd have what we needed soon Lyens. :mrgreen:

RE the 30 amps, lame it may be, but it is one way to keep from constanly melting down motors. You can screw up fast at 3000+ watts. Just depends on your particular needs. More watts, run the batts down faster. If you still have enough range great. If you don't, not so great.

kriskros   10 kW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by kriskros » Jul 10 2011 12:45pm

i have lyens 36v,40amp sensorless controller working wirh an 36v,20amp a123 And a 3540 msensorless motor and CA dp :mrgreen: ....js fine problems

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sn0wchyld   1 MW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by sn0wchyld » Sep 02 2011 10:03am

dogman wrote:Knew you'd have what we needed soon Lyens. :mrgreen:

RE the 30 amps, lame it may be,...
30 amps = lame? damn man I gotta turn off the ca and let this controller/motor have the full 50A. ive been riding round at 25 - 30 to break in the batts/get an idea of range, heat and power and I thought THAT was fun. all you boys running 80+a are crazy. And if I wasnt woried about burning my motor Im pretty sure I'd be too :twisted:

Beavinator   1 kW

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Re: controller recommendation please...

Post by Beavinator » Sep 02 2011 10:11am

One thing that you should take into consideration is if you are using a cycle analyst or not. The new Crystalyte controllers have no place to get a speed signal so if you want to get a speed reading you need a cycle analyst with a speed sensor. For that reason I would go with a Lyen controller.

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