Creature Hazards!

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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by ddk » Oct 18 2012 9:40am

-while not exactly creating a road hazard to me (yet), I often pass within a few feet of deer and the occasional elk.
Yesterday took the cake-prize, as I passed by a black bear, who attempted to look like a tree while I attempted to go lots faster.

Almost gave myself whiplash from rubber-necking
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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by mat h physics » Jun 02 2013 6:19pm

Was out riding a greenway yesterday, when a squirrel started pulling the chipmunk move of zig zagging in front of my approach. About 2feet from him, I did a little squirrel bark, only to watch him zag into the front tire :pancake: , producing a slight vibration in the handle bars. Had to give the little fella a Homer S, DOAHHH! Lucky it was a 40c, had it been a 22c he may have jumped into the spokes. After bouncing off, he ran of the trail.
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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by mat h physics » Apr 20 2014 7:57am

They will be coming to get you this year:
Specialized Hardrock, still conventional.
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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by The fingers » Apr 20 2014 1:22pm

Saw 3 coyotes crossing against the signal closest to where I live at 04:30am Friday morning going to work. Often hear them yip-yapping at night; and see them hunting ground squirrels, rabbits :pancake: , and field mice solo in the afternoon. 8)
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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by rasputin1197 » Apr 20 2014 6:36pm

neptronix wrote:I am on the hunt for a good looking bandanna myself due to the bug intake factor. Have already invested in some glasses.
The faster you go, the worse it is.
Been using these for years and work well..... ... texas-star

Particularly with our local critters...they don't want to mess with you, because you look like the unabomber and they can't ID ya

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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by molybdenum » Apr 20 2014 9:30pm

I was taking a right hand turn fast when a person opening their car door took my attention off the road. I hit the
dead raccoon hard enough to lift my rear wheel off the ground and I nearly crashed.

Creatures don't necessarily need to be living to pose a hazard.
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Re: Creature Hazards!

Post by DrkAngel » Jul 12 2015 9:00am

Gray squirrel tried to make it between my tires ...
Snagged some rubber and bounced up into my foot.

1sr time I've made solid contact with a gray.

This looks to be turning into the year of the chipmunk.
Squirrels own the mornings, but afternoons belong to the racing stripped dizzy speedsters
"Thupped" a few already this year.
Usually they run in circles ... trying to elude me ...
Seems my new strobe might be hypnotizing them.
Seen a few just sitting in the path ... same size and color as a dead leaf, jumping in some random direction at the last instant.
Best chance to avoid hitting them might be to aim at where they are?
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