Bafang Bpm, how many RPM?

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Re: Bafang Bpm, how many RPM?

Post by fourbanger » May 19 2019 1:24am

That's a good question, I'd rather like to know myself; It's like a smaller BPM. I wonder how many RPM it can be pushed to until back EMF starts hurting.

BTW, where did you get that particular motor from?

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Re: Bafang Bpm, how many RPM?

Post by Cees » May 27 2019 5:01am

I got these answers from Bafang on my questions :

Can you tell me what the nominal power (Watt) is of this Bafang motor : BFSWX02 48 V (12)
Feedback : 350 Wat ,500Wat,750Wat 

What is the number of rotations at max. throtlle ?

Feedback: 340 RPM 

37.44 kmh and i get in real life 34.5 kmh so wind, weight and drag cost me only 3 kmh which is not a lot.

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