First commute on my ebike

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First commute on my ebike

Post by fitek » Apr 17 2008 11:44am

This morning I finally did it! I rode from 3rd Ave in San Mateo to Whipple in Redwood City on my electrified LWB recumbent. I didn't have my meter onboard so I'm not sure how far it was, but probably about 10-11 miles since I had to squiggle through the streets of Foster city. It took one hour, and I spent about 10-15 minutes pulled over tightening loose nuts with an adjustable wrench. The FWD held up quite well, I had no chain troubles. I had trouble with the derailleurs and the wiring from the batteries. I hit some big bumps and the wiring (mostly romex) got loose a few times. The batteries are now at 11.38 volts each after starting at 13.1 volts, so they are pretty well spent. Most of their energy ran out at Ralston, maybe 60-70% of the way there. I really need to buy a fresh set of batteries...

Not bad for a $250 poor man's ebike. Thanks guys!
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Re: First commute on my ebike

Post by TylerDurden » Apr 17 2008 4:18pm


(romex...LOL) :mrgreen:
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