New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

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New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Bike_on » May 30 2013 10:58am

Hello Howard Delegation,

I am a 48 yr old Howard Co resident, and I ask your help to adjust the new MD scooter law.

Who am I ? Why am I asking this?

I'm an electrical engineer, married, have 5 children. For 5 years, I was a regular bicycle commuter to work, trying to do the work-life balance with time, exercise, family, as you well know. In addition, I discovered the green, alternate transportation option of an electric assist bicycle, partly as a hobby at first, then for it's green and lifestyle benefits. So I invested in a couple different "E-bikes" as they are called. My ability to commute to Sykesville (22 miles) increased. I was able to ride further, faster, and more often, and still stay in shape. Yes, these machines are a hybrid and a person wants to pedal along. So this new law has effected this option and impacted my lifestyle.

What is Right with the current Law?

The current law is written to address the abuse and safety risk of small, unregistered, gasoline scooters of 50cc stroke. These scooters have proliferated, do not require registration, and are not environmentally friendly. Current moped and scooter law does require a regular driver's or moped license.

The new law requires liability insurance, title registration, and safety helmet, eye protection, and ride on 50mph roads or less. The scooters are typically rated at 2-4 horsepower, which propels a person 30-35mph. I agree that vehicled travelling in the 30-35mph range should have such requirements, whether gas or electric. The law specifies scooters of 2.5hp or less and mopeds of 1.5 hp or less, and requires full compliance for both.

Some manufacturers try to skirt motorcycle law by adding cheap, short, pedals to gas scooters in order to be a moped, when in fact no one uses them to actually pedal. The law addresses this by the power limits.

What is Wrong with the current Law?

A federal law was passed by congress recognizing an electric hybrid bicycle, with a power rating of 750W (1 hp) or less and a speed limit of 20mph , as a BICYCLE. There are many upstart companies offering safe, green, alternate electric bikes, that meet the national law. Now, MD citizens must get a title and get insurance for such vehicles, when in reality, they are NO FASTER than a fit athlete on a road bike. The law is over-reaching in its intent. The new Maryland law lumps together both gas scooters and all electric mopeds, when the benefits and safety risks are different.

The new law requires me to "Create" a VIN# for a bicycle because it is "motorized", irrespective of practical application. In addition, insurance companies are going to assess electric bikes the same as gas scooters, charging higher costs and some even requiring a motorcycle license. So my green alt commuting lifestyle has gone from being a "fast" (20mph) bicycle, to a registered, insured, additional licensed vehicle.

The new law does not put a practical lower limit on its definition of "Moped", being 1.5hp or less. Previous MD law defined a moped to go up to 30mph. That is about the right speed for a 1.5hp vehicle. Defining a class of electric mopeds to be between 1hp-1.5hp is needed to separate the differences from a gas scooter that travels 30mph+.

The law discouraged safe, green, alt transportation. It will dicourage a new market of business. It overburdens its citizens financially, and increases government costs for registering a vehicle that is nationally classed as a bicycle, and confirmed by many states.

What am I asking to change?

I am asking for an amendment to the law that keeps the current requirements for vehicles defined to be: Scooters or Mopeds that have a power rating between 1.5hp (1125W) to 2.5hp (1875W), whether gas or electric. Vehicles in this power range are not fast enough to be motorcycles, but too fast to not be regulated.

I am asking that electric bicycles/mopeds that meet the Federal law specification of 20mph limit and 750W or less be exempt from the law and be classified in Maryland as a bicycle, with all the same requirements to follow traffic laws as other bicyclists.

A am asking that all gas scooters or gas mopeds of 50cc or less, up to 2.5hp, remain under the new law.

I am asking that electric bicycles/mopeds rated from 1hp (750W) to 1.5hp (1125W) be classified as an "electric moped". These vehicles will propel riders from 20mph (no pedalling) to 30mph (with/wo pedalling) and meet the true definition of a moped. For this classification, I would ask the state to retain the previous moped requirements: must be 16 or older, have a moped or drivers license, ride on 50mph roads or less. In addition, I would require a front and rear light source of bicycles visibility (to be seen), not motorcycle requirements or turn signals. Helmet and eye protection remain.

I would further ask that electric mopeds and electric bicycles (up to 1.5hp) not be forbidden from MD bike paths and trails where "No Motor Vehicles" are posted. All Electric vehicles would be required to have have a front light and audible warning device, and follow path rules when on paths.

Why should we change this law as such?

The law was concerned about gas scooters that go too fast. Most electric bikes travel much slower (under 20mph), and do not pose the same liability threat. California law recognize the low power electric bikes as bicycles and has no registration requirements.

The federal limit of 20mph is a good practicle limit for a bicycle speed and will apply to most electric bike models with power ranging from 250-500W. Electric Mopeds (1-1.5hp) are in the middle ground between a bicycle and scooter. Cyclist who commute will quickly become frustrated with the 20mph governed speed, and want to find/make a model to mainting speeds in the 20's, where they can rider faster and still feel safe. Because most people ride them like bicycles and they remain slower than the 50cc scooters, it would promote more alternate green commuting with electric mopeds if the additional regulation was not applied to the "electric" version of the moped defintion. I understand the concern for liability, safety, and responsibility, but I would ask for an extension of current law for this class at this time.

Electric bikes are silent and green and deserve to be allowed on bike paths as long as they follow trhe same rules as other cyclists and have audible and light warning devices.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Pease respond with your thoughts.

Dan Rowell

phone #


Mopeds And Motor Scooters


1. When are mopeds and motor scooters required to be titled and display an identifying decal? Will I need to have insurance for my moped or motor scooter? What protective gear is required when operating a moped or motor scooter?
Effective October 1, 2012 mopeds and motor scooters are required to be titled and display a title decal. The operator/owner of the vehicle must carry proof of insurance while operating the vehicle. The operator and passenger must wear protective headgear that meets the standards under 49CFR§571.218 and the operator must wear an eye protective device if the vehicle is not equipped with a windscreen.

2. Do I need a driver’s license to operate a moped or motor scooter?
The operator of a moped or motor scooter must have a valid moped operator’s permit or a valid driver’s license of any class.

3. I purchased my moped/motor scooter before they were required to be titled. I don’t have a title or certificate of origin. What can I do to comply with the requirement to title and obtain a decal for the vehicle?
You may sign onto the MVA website and complete the Affidavit of Ownership Moped, Motor Scooter & Off Road Vehicle form. If you owned the vehicle prior to October 1, 2012 and title prior to October 1, 2013 there will be no title fee or excise taxes collected. The title and title decal will be mailed to you. The web process cannot be used if the vehicle is subject to a lien, there is a transfer of ownership, the vehicle owner does not have a MD driver’s license or the vehicle does not have a vehicle identification number (VIN). The transaction may also be processed by a dealer or tag and title service that is a participant of the Electronic Registration and Title program, for unusual circumstances, the transaction may be processed at any full service MVA.

4. My moped/motor scooter does not have a vehicle identification number. How can I comply with the requirement to title the vehicle?
You will need to submit your work to a full service MVA office and apply for an assigned VIN by completing an Application for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (form VR-198).

5. Will there be a grace period for the display of the decal, or will I have to have the decal on the vehicle to operate it on Maryland roads on and after October 1, 2012?
Yes, MVA has requested that a 30 day grace period be given to allow moped and motor scooter owners enough time to title their vehicles and obtain the decal.

6. Where can I title my moped/motor scooter and obtain the identifying decal?
If you owned your vehicle prior to October 1, 2012 you can sign on to MVA’s website at and process your transaction. You may also take your work to a dealer or tag and title service that is a participant of the Electronic Registration and Title program for processing. For transactions with unusual circumstances you can submit your paperwork to a full service MVA office to be processed.

7. What taxes and fees are required to title and receive the decal.
If you owned your moped or motor scooter prior to October 1, 2012 and you title it prior to October 1, 2013, you will not be charged a title or excise tax fee. If you purchase your moped or motor scooter after October 1, 2012 you will be charged a $20.00 title fee and the excise tax will be based on the purchase price of your vehicle. The minimum excise tax is based on $320.00 ($19.20 excise tax). If you have paid Maryland sales tax and have proof of the payment, you will be exempt from the excise tax. Otherwise, 6% excise tax applies. The fee for the decal is $5.00 and the decal is to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle in a visible position. The decal is not transferable to another owner.

8. I am planning to purchase a moped/motor scooter after October 1, 2012. What do I do?
You will need to complete an Application for Certificate of Title (form VR-005) or the application on the reverse of the Maryland title, and an Application for Title Decal for Mopeds, Motor Scooters, ATV’s, Off Road Motorcycles and Snowmobiles (form VR-337). Proof of ownership must also be submitted which could be a Certificate of Origin, Maryland or out of state title, a bill of sale and/or registration form.

The work can be processed at a dealer or tag and title service that is a participant in the Electronic Registration and Titling program. For unusual transactions the work may be processed at any full service MVA.

9. I have already titled my moped/motor scooter. How do I get my decal?
You may apply for a decal only via the MVA web site or through a participating Dealer or Tag and Title service.

10. My decal is lost, stolen or mutilated. How do I obtain a new one?
Use the Application for Title Decal for Mopeds, Motor Scooters, ATV’s, Off Road Motorcycles and Snowmobiles (form VR-337) to apply for a replacement of a lost or mutilated decal. The form will need to be mailed to the MVA for processing, and there is a $5.00 fee for the replacement decal.


"Moped" means a bicycle that:

Is designed to be operated by human power with the assistance of a motor.
Is equipped with pedals that mechanically drive the rear wheel or wheels;
Has two or three wheels, of which one is more than 14 inches in diameter; and
Has a motor rating of 1.5 brake horsepower or less and, if the motor is an internal combustion engine, a capacity of 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement or less.
"Motor Scooter" means a non-pedal vehicle that:

Has a seat for the operator.
Has 2 wheels, of which one is 10 inches or more in diameter;
Has a step through chassis;
Has a motor, (i) With a rating of 2.7 brake horsepower or less; or (ii) If the motor is an internal combustion engine, with a capacity of 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement or less; and
Is equipped with an automatic transmission. "Motor Scooter" does not include a vehicle that has been manufactured for off road use, including a motorcycle and all terrain vehicles.
Note: For special or unusual circumstances, the work can be processed at any full service MVA office.

Motor scooters that are built for road use and have greater horsepower and cc's may be titled and registered as a motorcycle. Note: A person may not operate a motorcycle that has a rating of 1.5 brake horsepower or less or a capacity of less than 70 cubic centimeters piston displacement, on a roadway where the posted maximum speed is more than 50 miles per hour, or on an expressway or other controlled access highway.

Situations may very when purchasing a Motor Scooter or Moped. If you do not meet the above criteria or require assistance, please contact the MVA by e-mail at

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by motomech » May 31 2013 3:02am

"Maryland my Maryland", beloved state of my birth, has been turned into an Obama Poster State by it's extreamist socialistic Gov., who knows nothing other than tax and regulate. 70 New taxes in 2 years!

Still, I rode everywhere with never a cop giving me a second look, they have bigger fish to fry. Buy my Ebikes top out around 25 mph and I stay out of traffic.

You could do what I did, move. Not because of the Moped laws, but the taxes.

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by ambroseliao » May 31 2013 6:27am

Thanks Dan (Bike_on),

I agree with you that it's a law aimed at gas scooters that sucked in our electrics. I hope your letter sees some action to modify the law. I haven't done anything about registering or insuring my bikes yet. I need to do that soon.

I love Maryland and it's progressive lawmakers. To each his own. is the best!

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Bike_on » May 31 2013 12:11pm


Before the letter, I emailed MVA and got this response...

Dear MVA Customer,

A bicycle with an add on electric?assist kit is now a moped. To obtain a title, title decal and assigned vehicle identification number (VIN) you will need to complete the attached Affidavit of Ownership - Moped, Motor Scooter, and Off Road Vehicle (VR-450), and an Application for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VR-198). Operator(s) of mopeds need to carry evidence of required insurance.

You will need to go to a full service MVA office to have a VIN assigned and the title transaction processed. The assigned VIN is to be attached to the neck or fork of the moped. If you owned this vehicle prior to 10/1/2012 and are titling before 10/1/2013 the only fee you will pay is the $5.00 decal fee.

You must also possess a valid moped permit or any other class drivers license, wear protective head and eye gear while operating this vehicle.

Additional information regarding mopeds and motor scooters is available through the following links. ... ooters.htm ... 00-76T.htm

We hope this information will assist you.


Maryland MVA Customer Service Center

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Bike_on » May 31 2013 12:12pm

To make matters worst, I called my insurance co and asked about "Moped insurance." They said it falls under their motorcycle division and that I *must* have a motorcycle liscense in order to get one. So practically, liability insurance has legs and will be like a motorcycle costs.

Aside..this state has an unquenchable appetite for tax, regulation PC mothering. When the cold front came through last week, it almost made news when O'Malley was seen walking around the State House with his hands in his own pockets.

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by melodious » May 31 2013 1:02pm

Baltimoron here, and so far I have yet to see repercussions on my side of town, although Anne Arundel county can sometimes be a PITA (had 2x non ticketed occurrence with the same officer on a 20+ mph stand up e-scooter who at first thought it was a 2 stroke). But my main territory I'm left alone. I hope it stays that way. Is the OP supposed to be a petition? If so, where do I sign?
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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by deardancer3 » Jun 01 2013 11:16am

This law was written and sponsored by a new republican senator:

Republican, District 2, Washington County

Sen. Joe Getty, R-Baltimore County, voted against the bill because it eliminates an “alternative mode of transportation for those people who need it the most.”

He said it was cost prohibitive to require $700 in titling and insurance for a $650 moped or scooter.
“I think it‘s counter-productive for people who are trying to find a more inexpensive way to get to work,” Getty said. “Scooters and mopeds in my community are generally used by people who can’t afford a car and they’re trying to get to work, or trying to get to the grocery store.”

Chris Shank, R-Washington, co-sponsored the bill because of numerous reports from the Hagerstown Police about a spike in use of scooters and mopeds to transport illegal drugs. Shank sponsored the amendment that requires scooter and moped operators to carry liability insurance because he said it has been difficult for injured parties to be compensated when a scooter or moped causes a crash.

Read more: ... z2UywGkvpw
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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Ch00paKabrA » Jun 02 2013 11:08am

i am sorry to hear that Maryland has done that. I love the adjectives that the politicos use. In New York City, the Pols described ebikes as "these dangerous overweight bikes that do real damage in collisions." It sucks. Just go with the incognito, I guess. That is what we have to do in New Jersey.

Look at the bright side at least you can actually register your bike. In New Jersey, they wont let you ride it if it isn't registered and insured and then they turn around tell you that you can't register it.

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by deardancer3 » Jun 03 2013 3:19pm

just got an email from Maryland DOT that visitors do not have to get their ebikes titled or insured as long as they are in maryland for less than 60 days. but HAVE TO WEAR PROPER HEADGEAR.... DOES THAT MEAN MOTORCYCLE HELMET?

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**Update on Maryland Law**

Post by Bike_on » May 07 2014 10:09am

The 2014 General Assembly has passed new definition and clarified some requirements for the electric bike community.

The good:
An electric bike is classified as a bicycle, if it has 2-3 wheels, 14" diameter or greater, can go 20mph using the motor, and has a rated brake horsepower of 500W or less.

The above was passed and signed by the Gov. It does give a bicycle classification for the majority of the ebikes. It is, however, too restrictive. In my lobby and letters, I advocated 750W. 750W was in the initial bill, but an amendment was added and reduced it to 500W. I don't know how or why.

There is a lengthy updated definition of a Moped. Basically, they rate a moped as a bicycle with a motor or 1.5hp or less, or 49cc or less ICU. The law still requires Mopeds to be titled and carry insurance. :cry: :evil: They expect a Moped to travel up to 30mph.

This is unfair to the ebike consumer and industry. First, a 49cc scooter/moped can have 2-4 HP, and travel 25-40mph.

The 2012 law called out scooters up to 2.5HP, and required title and insurance. The new legislation makes no mention of a scooter. It is unclear where the line is between a scooter and a motor cycle.

MAryland seems to have played it safe. They want Mopeds titled and insured. They were unwilling to allow the 20-30mph ebikes to fall under the definition of a bicycle.

I plan to re-address this next year and hopefully get the power limit rasised to 1hp, 750W. With the federal law defining ebikes at 750W, it will be difficult to get MD to raise the rating to 1.5hp, but it needs it's own category.


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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Ykick » May 07 2014 10:19am

Good work Dan! Keep up the good fight...
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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by drew12345 » May 07 2014 3:48pm

I live in maryland. Great to know many others live here also. I just skimmed through this but will look at this in detail and see if I can help also.

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by lbz5mc12 » May 07 2014 8:26pm

You could probably run a 1000 watt plus motor and they wouldn't know the difference as long as you keep your speed at around 20 mph.

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Re: New Maryland scooter Law, my letter to my delegates.

Post by Dauntless » May 07 2014 9:26pm


If you really want electric bikes to be popular, you should recommend they only pass laws that generate KEWL!

I know the perfect look for the helmeted ebiker.

Ah, look, it's catching on already. I'll let you open it yourself just to build up an entrance. ... Helmet.jpg
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