36V-48V 1000W Hub-Motor in Germany?

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36V-48V 1000W Hub-Motor in Germany?

Post by Raddi » Aug 06, 2013 3:04 am

I'm watching this forum for a while now, but i decided to register myself finally because i have some questions :mrgreen:
So at first, hi there! :mrgreen:

I'm not new in building ebikes, i built two ebikes with my dad, but both have a normal brushed 1000W 36V motor, this one, which drives a chain. (i can post pictures of the bikes if you're interested :lol: )
And now, i have a new project, i want to build a MTB/Dirtbike but with a hub-motor. The brushed motor that we use in our ebikes costs just about 120$ here in germany, but when i look for hubmotors, they are much more expensive.
So my question is, where can i buy cheap hubmotors in germany (or other regions, shipping and taxes should be cheap) which are under 200$? Maybe someone has experiences where to buy cheap ebike-parts in germany?
The motor should have min. 1000W, 36V would be perfect but 48V is okay too.
Thank you and please excuse my bad english :shock:

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Re: 36V-48V 1000W Hub-Motor in Germany?

Post by dogman dan » Aug 06, 2013 9:07 am

You will need to shop in China to get cheap prices. But motor only for some types is about $200-250 USD In the USA. Cheaper if shipped from China.

You mention dirt riding. For that, I recommend the slower windings of hubmotors, unless you are going for a monster bike that is really motorcycle powered.

One place I know of that sells the slow motors, EM3ev. Trusted seller. Look at the direct drive 10t, or the Mac in 10t or 12t. It will cost more than the brushed stuff, but you will be happy with the results. Even with the slow motors, pedal enough to maintain 10 mph up steep hills, or the motor will melt.

At 48v, a 20 amps controller will give you 1200w of power. Avoid heaving much more than 1500w at these motors. If you do heave 3000w at one , then keep the hill climbs short!!!!

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Re: 36V-48V 1000W Hub-Motor in Germany?

Post by wesnewell » Aug 06, 2013 10:59 am

If you can find a mass market dealer in Germany, you will likely save a lot of money. Try ebay or aliexpress.com if you want to order direct. Search for 'hub motor'.
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