Just got my ebike kit from yescomusa what battery?

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Re: Just got my ebike kit from yescomusa what battery?

Post by wesnewell » May 29 2014 12:05pm

The rims on the newer kits are only 21mm compared to 25mm for the older model kits. Max recommended tire size for a 21mm rim is 2.0", although I've put 2.4" Cyclops on them before. Stem length can be made longer with valve stem extensions. That said, I found even the old 25mm rims too narrow for my liking with the 2.4" tires and relaced a 32mm rim onto the hub. The depth of the newer rims is also 1/4" deeper than the older model Champion rims.
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Re: Just got my ebike kit from yescomusa what battery?

Post by trav » May 29 2014 12:24pm

Yeah, the rim is pretty deep. Thanks for the link, there is a lot of good information there. I think that I'll eventually try and build a wheel for it so that I can get a wider tire on it.
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Re: Just got my ebike kit from yescomusa what battery?

Post by Martog » May 29 2014 1:36pm

CST Cyclops works for me. See my comments a few posts up. The only issue I found was the length of the stem in the deep dish kit rim.
So follow Chalo's advice and use a tube with an extended stem, or buy a stem extender, or just finesse it like I did (hold the stem in place until you can get some air in the tube).

At some point I'll build wider rims but I'm liking the setup so far. In fact, I'm ordering another set to go on my Xtracycle e-cargo bike, and am likely to put a set on the Yuba Mundo I have on order.

The only other caution is that you may have to adjust your kickstand as these big tires lift up the bike enough to affect lean-over angle with the stand deployed.
Good luck.

trav wrote:What's the word on the tire? I was about to buy one for my yescomusa kit, but then I read this post. Did you manage to get it on the rim?

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Re: Just got my ebike kit from yescomusa what battery?

Post by babyhughie » May 29 2014 5:03pm

I ended up getting Schwalbe Marathon plus 26"x2.0" mounted on my newer model yescom rim. I probably could've bought a different tube and used the CST cyclops but after considering how deep and narrow the rim is I chose to go with a more suitable tire. I am very happy with the Schwalbe Marathon plus. Here's a pic of the bike with the tire.. The front tire will be changed out for a Schwalbe when I get the funds to do so.

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