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Projectitis   100 mW

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New Zealand represent

Post by Projectitis » Feb 03 2014 4:00am

Hi all,

Interested in hearing from other New Zealanders who frequent these forums!
What are the good suppliers (local or otherwise) for ebike stuff? - especially now with the import rules on batteries (dangerous goods?). Are there any local forums/sources of info?

I ride a scratch-built custom escooter in Palmerston North. Basically no hills, but the wind more than makes up for it :( Currently 1000W sensored gearless Golden Motor equivalent (from kit) with 48V 20AH Duct-tape battery on kit controller. 20" wheels, so max speed of just shy of 50km/h. The next one is being planned at the moment which will hopefully sport the Crystalyte TC100 using 72V worth of EIG ePLB battery modules. The most difficult part for sure will be sourcing those batteries.


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ken1645   10 W

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Re: New Zealand represent

Post by ken1645 » Feb 12 2014 11:19am

When I had visited Queenstown, NZ I saw some eBikes for rent. It looked like they were professional eBikes... so nothing too fast. I do not know if the bike shop was selling eBikes.

Good luck finding others.


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Re: New Zealand represent

Post by kiwipete » Feb 13 2014 12:56am

I'm from Auckland, and recently converted my bike.

Got all my bits from overseas (cell_man and hobbyking for LiPo batteries) so don't know much about local suppliers, sorry.

I found that getting the stuff into NZ (including batteries) was not a problem.

BTW, nice looking scooter!


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Re: New Zealand represent

Post by alexnz » Apr 13 2014 10:49pm

There is a forum for NZ e-bikes but it keeps on being taken over by spammers ... c890378afc


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Re: New Zealand represent

Post by Majyk4 » Aug 05 2014 6:02am

Kiwi thread! The search function works,

I'm in Auckland, just joined, starting with a longboard conversion, but I have big plans . . .

Anyone in town who wants to have a beer and talk copper and magnets and lithium and bs is welcome to PM me . . . it'd be great to get the numbers up

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