What are the white Hall connectors called?

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What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by Ben Abraham » Dec 21 2014 3:19pm

Hi All,

I have a simple but vexing question.
I'm trying to get my hub motor (looks like a 'cleanskin' version of an MSUX XF07) to talk to an Em3eV 25A 3077 controller. Everything plays fine, but I need a new connector. It's one of the white 6-pin array connectors that Em3eV uses for their Hall wire connections. My problem is that I don't know the name of the connector type (e.g. 'JST', 'Anderson', etc. just a name so I can indicate), so I can't ask for it at any stores! This is very frustrating.
Can anyone tell me what this kind of connector is, so I can ask for one at e.g. JayCar (read: Aussie RadioShack)?
This problem is killing me because it seems so straightforward but I can't find an answer anywhere.
All help appreciated.

I'm new here. I've been a fly on the wall so far. I'll update my profile soon so you know who you're talking to. For now, many thanks! :D


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Re: What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by fechter » Dec 21 2014 4:11pm

Can you post a picture?
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Re: What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by Sunder » Dec 21 2014 4:38pm

I brought one in to two different Jaycars, including the big York St store in Sydney. Neither of them could identify it or had anything compatible.

Its easiest if you cut them off and replace them with something you can easily obtain.

However be warned, the Jaycar automotive plugs look good, assemble well, but unless you get the pins to line up perfect when you plug them in, vibrations will cause you to lose contact. I thought i lost hall sensors several times, one time even buying a new motor because I repeatedly tested the connection and it seemed fine, but go for a ride and it'd be fine 90% of the time and cause the motor to jerk and lose power 10% of the time.

If you're going to shop at Jaycar, try the din or mini-din connectors instead. They seem more resistant to vibrations and shocks.
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Re: What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by Kent » Dec 21 2014 6:30pm

If its the common white ridged plastic connector, they come in two basic sizes and the smaller one is available from 1 to 12 connector slots.

These folks have all the sizes including the pins. they are quite cheap and while your at it, get some extra pins. The pins come male/female.

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Re: What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by dogman dan » Dec 22 2014 7:53am

I never seem to see the actual name of them listed. You just got the name of the place to get them in the USA.

Another popular option is mini jst. You could replace the plug on the controller with those if those are easier to find in AU.

Here is the item on ebay, though I doubt you really need ten sets.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Sets-X-6-Pin ... a5&vxp=mtr

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Re: What are the white Hall connectors called?

Post by Voltron » Dec 22 2014 11:53am

Generically called a Molex plug? Even tho they make lots of varieties?

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