Show me your electric velomobile.

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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by Eskimo » Jan 23 2016 1:39pm

Give me that new Quattrovelo. Man it"s cool. Would be very interesting project to motorize. Four wheels and i don"t like mid-drives.
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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by Marc S. » Jan 23 2016 2:36pm

Kai wrote:
davevelo wrote:Unfortunately my Quest velomole doesn't have two handed forks and it's impossible to install a normal hubmotor. I would have to make extensive modifications to frame and rear swing arm design. I know there are hub motors that are "lefty" or single side mounted but that requires fabricating a new swing arm. Interesting idea anyway.
There is at least one Quest with custom swing arm and hub motor out there. I can't find the link, but IIRC it was one of the older model with 20" rear wheel.
Ask they most likely know about it and can point you in the right direction.

An other option could be, to ask Patrick (his nick is Jack-Lee in the German from if he could build a custom swing arm that will fit into the standard mounting brackets. That way you can swop swing arms back and forth without altering the Quest.

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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by Warren » Dec 01 2016 9:10am

Not mine, but a big company's.

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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by tahustvedt » Dec 01 2016 11:56am

Warren wrote:Not mine, but a big company's.
That gives off more electric wheelchair vibes than velomobile vibes to me. :)

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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by docnjoj » Dec 02 2016 8:04am

I don't know about the wheelchair vibes but it has 4 wheels making it a car in most of the US.
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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by MikeSSS » Dec 02 2016 11:03am

Fastolfe wrote:
sendler2112 wrote:I use my CBR250R
which is not a car. Bikes are thrifty, but they suck hard in the rain. I'd rather be warm and cosy in my velo than wet on your bike.
sendler2112 wrote:at 100 mpgUS. A $4,300 purchase price and $.023/ mile for fuel takes a long time to reach $8,000 for a velo.
Typical blindness of motor vehicle owners to the true cost of ownership. It costs more to own your bike than just the cost of fuel: there's taxes, insurance, maintenance, depreciation - and in your case, specialized motorcycle gear, etc. Do the math, and the picture will look a lot less rosy.

Owning a velo proves less costly in the long run, and the amortization period gets shorter the more you ride. But even if it's costlier, there are other things to consider: less pollution, better health, easy parking, being happy to hit the road every morning as opposed to being miserable in a steel box stuck in traffic, being able to do your own maintenance...

But hey, to each his own :)
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Re: Show me your electric velomobile.

Post by 5150 » Mar 27 2017 4:32am

Off topic:
Who makes that white race cap that your Quest is wearing?

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