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Re: Conversion Kit Questions

Post by Raged » Feb 04 2016 5:35pm

Christafer wrote:Thanks again Raged. Is it not uncomfortable pulling your thumb back like that for an extended period of time ?
Not really...? I dont actually use the throttle alot, so it's only a momentary push. My wheels / hubs are concept ex (not the best but quite good rolling wheels), so I throttle for a bit and just roll/pedal along like a cyclist when I'm at speed. I just happen to be able to reach 50km/h very fast uphill if I need to. As it's not a Direct Drive hub motor, there is no wheel resistance if you're not under power.

The other thing to note is you cant "safetly" commute in start/stop traffic at 50km/h (morning traffic speed here is a bit of gridlock, so you need to have enough leeway to emergency stop if a driver does something stupid and the road surface is sketchy at places).
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