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Re: Electrifying roadbike - q75

Post by abecrizer » Jan 01 2017 12:42pm

Yes, we have similar setups, good work. Hope you ll get your gears fixed. I am also curious to hear if you can find spare gears anywhere.
I did finally get gears from BMS battery, $20 USD plus shipping per set. The fit fine.

I was difficult getting anyone to respond, then when I finally did it took about 2 months.

Details on the post about that.
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Re: Electrifying roadbike - q75

Post by -dg » Apr 13 2018 4:48am


Did you ever try running this controller on 12s? I'm considering it for a couple existing bikes with square wave controllers and smallish sensorless motors. I'd like to have something quieter and more sophisticated, but the motors are 201 rpm winds and 10s will be too slow. Thanks!
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Re: Electrifying roadbike - q75

Post by Jonca » Oct 08 2018 2:46pm


I have never ran it with full 12s. I sometimes just add 1s in series to my 11s when the 11s has less than half charge.

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