AUS / NSW - couple of A2B ebikes on auction

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AUS / NSW - couple of A2B ebikes on auction

Post by Raged » Feb 06 2016 6:41am

Just a heads up. Saw a few ebikes come on graysonline auctions. They are from abandoned storage cages that get auctioned off. So if you want a spare ebike bike for the kids/missus and can build your own battery ( or have spare battery parts ) it might be worthwhile.

Bikes are A2B hybrids 250w kits without battery (and assume no charger) ... c?spr=true

Focus Black Forest 29er - MAC10T 14S Lipo - 50km/h, 50km range. (dead) ... 91&start=0
Cube Reaction 29er Cyclocross BBS02 ... =6&t=70549

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